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Our Meditation Room is a sacred space conducive to the cultivation of serenity, a sense of well-being and inner peace, and a tranquil kind...

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Sorry, but I have not been very active.
About Me
What brings you to The Seraphim Project 2012-2027 Community?
Maria Celeste her spirit & soul brought me here. I am grateful for all of you.

General About Me
I am a healer my forte is Reiki. I am a Certifed Reiki Master, Magnified Healing, Clearsite, Mind Power & Tarot Reader. I don't believe in titles. I believe in actions, works.

My interests have changed as I have changed. I love to Travel, cook, read.

Favorite Music
Jazz, Soul R&B New Age Music, Classic.

Favorite Movies
I am a Movie lover. Too many to mention.

Favorite Books
There are so many. The Emerald Tablets. Book Of Knowleadge. What is Light Body. I read in Spanish & English. Too many books to mention.

Favorite Quotations
Know Thyself Change your mind. Change your life.

My Blog Posts
A Sacred Message to Guide us through our Souls' Journey / Un Mensaje Sagrado Servir de Guía para el Viaje de Nuestras Almas
Posted by Delia Contreras on Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 5:23:39 PM


A Sacred Message to Guide us through our Souls' Journey

All of us become marked through Life and Nature.
Our wounds serve as markings on our skin.
Our Souls and Spirit carry the map for our sacred journey.
Each and every line and scar that we have remind us of our lessons and experiences of our Life on Earth.
They are like tattoos with the ink made from blood mixed with the ashes from the Earth.
Let us remember that we are but Cosmic Soul Travelers visiting one of many Universes for a span of time.
We are Eternal.

May your journey be light.
Live well and Prosper.
I send these from my heart to yours.

(written on April 14, 2013 in Spanish by Delia Contreras, translated to English by Maria Celeste Garcia)
Original Message in Spanish:

14 de abril de 2013

Todos somos marcados por la vida y la naturaleza.
Nuestras heridas forman marcas en nuestra piel.
Nuestra Alma y Espíritu tienen el mapa de nuestra jornada.
Cada línea, cada cicatriz es una parada y vivencia.
Una lección y experiencia aquí en la Tierra.
Son como Tatuajes algunos hechos con tinta de sangre, algunos con cenizas de la tierra.
Somos Almanuatas pasando un espacio de tiempo en uno de los muchos Universos.
Somos eternos…
Que tu viaje sea liviano y que vivas bien y prospero. Paz y Luz.
Desde mi corazón al tuyo. Namaste.



A Life of Authenticity / Una Vida de Autenticidad
Posted by Delia Contreras on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 11:19:01 AM

A Life of Authenticity / Una Vida de Autenticidad

by Delia Contreras

January 22, 2013 / 22 de Enero de 2013

In Spanish In English


Una Vida de Autenticidad

El estar ausente de uno mismo va robando tu vida de autenticidad, la oportunidad de realmente ser tu mismo. Estarás tratando de ser la imagen de otros y te sentirás culpable si no vives y cumples con la ilusión que no eres bueno suficiente y esto produce el síndrome de estar ausente de ti mismo. Se nos ha impuesto que tenemos que ser mejor porque no estamos cumpliendo con el standard de la sociedad. Se te impone que debes de hacer y como hacerlo porque tu, forma no funciona si no vistes como tal o no trabajas en este lugar y guías este carro o vives en tal lugar. Te comienzan a comparar con tus amistades, familiares, tu parejo o pareja. Van borrando tu bella esencia hasta que quedas ausente de ti mismo. Se convierte en una vida en automático haciendo lo que otros dicen que debes y no lo que realmente deseas. Pero antes de poder reconocerte tienes que saber quien eres y que Dios te ama y eres suficiente ahora. Los deseos tuyos son parte de tu crecimiento y desarrollo es importante hacer lo que realmente te llena de alegría, paz y amor. No eres un error. El plan divino esta en ti. Jamás podrás complacer a todos, ni debes de sentirte culpable cuando no deseas hacerlo. Tendrás que transmutar lo que te juzga más que nadie y esa es tu propia mente. Cuando te conozcas, te ames y te respetes abrirá las puertas de tu desarrollo y tu evolución siendo tu mismo, autentico y bello. Siempre esperamos su opinión. Desde mi corazón al tuyo. Namaste


A Life of Authenticity

When you are not there for yourself, you are in essence robbing yourself of a life of authenticity. To live in authenticity gives you the opportunity of being true to who you are from the deepest core of your being. Authenticity is living your very own truth.

When you always try to live up to the expectations and image of others because of illusory feelings of guilt based on the misguided notion that you are not good enough, you will inevitably find yourself in the syndrome of "being absent from your own self".

So many man-made standards have been imposed upon us by society, such as what to do and how to do things a certain way. These standards influence many of us daily, dictating how we should look like, how we should dress, what jobs we should pursue, what kind of car to drive, and what place to live in. These very influences make us compare ourselves with everyone -- with each other, with friends, peers, family, and even partners. Before you know it, your beautiful, unique essence is gradually being virtually erased, until you are not yourself anymore -- until you are "absent" from yourself, never really being there for yourself, you begin to forget your truth and who you really are in essence. In that state, your life becomes regimented, almost mechanical, doing what others expect and tell you to do and not what your heart essentially wants.

To get back to your authentic self, you need to be able to bring back the beautiful unique essence that seemed to have been erased. There is a need to have a strong resolve to search for and arrive at who you truly are, building on a strong faith that God loves you and that you are perfect and good enough just as you are right here, right now.

Remember that your own personal desires are part of your growth and development and that it is important for you do what fills you with joy, peace, and love. You are not a mistake. The Divine Plan is in you.

We cannot expect to please everyone, so you need not feel guilty whenever your choice does not please some people. Transmute that which causes you to judge yourself, and that is, your own mind. Transmute your mind to function towards knowing yourself deeply. When you succeed in getting to know yourself sufficiently and develop self-respect and cultivate a healthy love for yourself, you will find that you have opened the doors towards your development and evolution to becoming even more of your authentic, whole, and beautiful self, the way God has designed and intended for you to be.

Your opinion of what has been shared is always welcomed.

From my heart to yours...



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