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About Me
What brings you to The Seraphim Project 2012-2027 Community?
Vega Knowledge of Freedom and truth

General About Me
Kindness and Peacefull with heart of Love&Light.. Creathe the in the Light..


Youtube Channel

Here For
Learning and Sharing

New age. Peace.. Nature.. Mother Earth.. Angels..Vega. Crystals.. Poems.. Sing and Music. Animals..

Favorite Music
Pop.Blues.Jazz. Country. and more.

Favorite Movies
Dirty Dancing.. Ghost. Grease.

Favorite Books
Book from heart of truth in Love.

Favorite Quotations
I am that I am. Dont worry Be Happy

Shout Box
Jan 25th 2016

Aha!  It's great to see you here, Mia Attrilja!  Welcome to our humble and quiet community!  I hope that you feel at home here.  I can help you with what you may wish to upload.  You can post videos, images, write blogs and comments and stay connected.  I'm excited to co-create with you.  Infinite Love and Blessings, my lovely sister!

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