A Multidimensional Living Lightship of Kindred Spirits 

Co-Creating Heaven on Earth and throughout the Cosmos



The Multidimensional, Sentient Cosmic Vessel of The Seraphim Project 2012-2027.

We are a Multi-dimensional, Living, Sentient, and Dynamic Vessel of Light Beings from all across the Cosmos on a Sacred Mission to Uphold and Facilitate the Evolution of Humanity on Planet Earth by the Conscious Co-Creation of Divine Realities throughout the many Universes of The Infinite Source of All That Is.

Our Hub of Consciousness Portals in Cyberspace can be reached at


We thank you for being You and for being right Here, right Now.

Our Hub in cyberspace is constantly being developed, organically organizing and reorganizing the links and the design to embody the dynamic and living principles that our Lightship carries and transmits to the entire Cosmos.

As some of you may already know, we are working with many Light Beings from all over the Cosmos and beyond, some of whom may be familiar to you, while some may be introduced to you for the very first time in conscious awareness in this timeline where we are co-creating our pictures of reality that we are experiencing consensually.

To make things more simple, let me just say that our Lightship is boarded and navigated by Light Beings from (4) axes, realms, or substrata of reality as we know it, namely:

  • 1) The Incarnate Missionary Humans
  • 2)The Angelic Realms;
  • 3)The Ascended Mastery Realms; and
  • 4)The Interplanetary-Interstellar-Galactic-Cosmic Families of Light.

This is a simplistic way of describing it because in reality there is an overlap and interpenetration amongst these axes or realms. We are Multidimensional and Multi-Universal yet we are all connected in Oneness. It is just not always easy to grasp and get a bead on this overlap and interpenetration while operating in the linear reality where we are communicating with you at this time. However, since you have been called to join us here now, you most likely have an inherent and intuitive understanding of the mystery and reality of that which we are trying to convey. 

In order to deliver relevant and helpful information in linear reality, we endeavor to work with expressions, language, mannerisms, symbols, metaphors, vibrational frequencies, tone, color, and packets of energy that we envision would reach people from all walks of life with diverse perspectives. 

You are an important part of the process of a dynamic and effective communication process that we are endeavoring to achieve for the steady and progressive Evolution of Consciousness of Humanity as a race on planet Earth.

If you wish to navigate and co-create with us, we joyfully welcome you to Lightship Seraphim.   Should you chose to remain with us on our mission, please relax and enjoy your stay.  We shall be meeting from time to time in order to propel our sacred mission forward for the benefit of planet Earth and her inhabitants in the coming generations as well as for the benefit of the entire Cosmos.

Namaste. Premaste. Oendeste.

Signed on July 12, 2014 @ 11:11 pm CDST by:

Maria Celeste G. / VelAja TalaLei

in and on behalf of

The Infinite Mother, The Seraphim Angelic Collective,

The Co-Creators, Officers, Crew, and Passengers of Lightship Seraphim