Mystic Musings

written April 29, 2016 by Maria Celeste G.


The beauty of life is in our hands as we find that unfolding creation is like

an endless sea of mystery gracefully taking form right before our very eyes

in response to what is in the heart and what the mind can imagine to exist.


In eternity we weave glorious tapestries of delight in threads of living colored light

guided by the essences of black and white in infinite combinations and sensations

encompassing countless directions, just for the taste of sweet cosmic confections.


Possibilities abound, probabilities resound, as all for one march to the beat of the cosmic heart

where the "I" is the "We" and the "We" is the "I" for creation is boundless and perpetually timeless.

Wayshowers and Mystics have deep understanding of the Paradox of Life and Love everlasting.


2016 Maria Celeste Garcia