On Meditation


written by Maria Celeste Garcia


What is Meditation?

The practice of Meditation involves clearing the mind and focusing consciousness.  The kinds and forms of meditation vary greatly.  Some of the forms and content of meditation that many of us may already be familiar with include focusing on breathing, repeating mantras (which are words or sounds which bear significance to the person reciting them), exploring the nature of reality, reflecting and contemplating on one's life and existence, experiencing our interconnectedness with all life and the universe, and seeking unity with the divine.

Most forms of meditation puts emphasis on the need to quiet or still the mind and dissolve distractions from mundane concerns to concentrate on a singular focus.  The essential goal is to reach a state of passive alertness to achieve inner calmness and tranquility while being open to receive insight and revelation that can be integrated into our day to day journey through life.

Meditation, in its many forms, can aid us on our path to tranquility, physical and mental rejuvenation, attunement with our inner guidance system, creative and spiritual development, psychic exploration, integration of consciousness, self-discovery, and even mystic and visionary experiences. 


Known Benefits of Meditation

Meditation also offers therapeutic benefits especially in the current lifestyles many of us lead, where there tends to be a great need for relaxation, relief of stress and anxiety, and the induction of calmness and tranquility amidst the challenges of modern life.  The therapeutic benefits of meditation have been studied in our recent times and meditation has been found to be instrumental in relieving and even treating many medical conditions. 

Meditation is also considered to be a most valuable tool for many of us with regards to improving mental, emotional, psychological, and social well-being.  Research has already been showing  scientific evidence that meditation boosts the immune system, boosts creativity, improves memory, and aids in learning and mental discipline. 

The long-term proper practice of mindfulness-based meditation, which involves balancing and integration of the mind and body, has also been shown to have a very favorable effect on our autonomic processes such as heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolic rate.


The Universality of The Practice of Mediation

Meditation is important in many faiths, cultures, and traditions throughout the known history of humanity.  Although it can be noted that meditation has traditionally been attributed to Eastern Spirituality, on closer inspection, we shall find that meditation, in its various forms,  is in fact practiced throughout the world by all kinds of people from all walks of life. 

The Universal essence of meditation is shared by all of humanity in our diversity, transcending beliefs, race, gender, traditions, and other divisions that have been created throughout time and space.  Meditation is actually part of our Human existence. 

We get in touch with its Universal essence whenever we find ourselves in the silence and solitude of the core of our being.  Many of us may not have realized it right away, but we have been meditating time and again, each in our own unique way, whenever we contemplate, reflect on our lives, and search within ourselves to find a natural respite from the stress, tedium, or constant activity of daily living. 

A better understanding of this Universal essence of meditation allows us to reap its benefits optimally by being consciously aware and in charge of achieving a healthy and dynamic balance within our lives.  Exploring the role of meditation in our lives and investigating its nuances may lead us to a better understanding of its rich tapestry to bring us more refined ways of living our lives to the fullest.


Writer's Note

I hope that this article helps you, our reader, in gaining a better understanding of what meditation is about.  I will be writing further related articles for the purpose of offering insights to facilitate your spiritual development and possibly help in your awakening and unfoldment into the magnificence of your true eternal self.




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