Rose Petals and Crossroads

As I was laying myself down to sleep,  I closed my eyes and saw myself in my mind's eye traveling down a path laden with rose petals of different colors.  I then found myself at the crossroads where the rose petals become distributed by color -- red ones to the left, yellow ones to the right, and white ones straight ahead.  I know that I was in a state of being half-asleep and was seeing more of a vision rather than a dream.  There were no signposts at the crossroads, no other remarkable landmarks or objects.  I know not where I came from nor where I was going.  At the crossroads I felt compelled to choose a path and I chose to go straight ahead as the vision faded and I felt that I was finally falling asleep.  Consequently, it was a deep and dreamless sleep.  When I woke up the next morning, the vision I had was still fresh in mind, including the different emotions that I felt while I was in that scene.  I wonder what it meant.  Perhaps the vision has a continuation.  Perhaps it has an analog in waking life.  It is a mystery to me at the time of this writing but I have an inkling that it is an adventure waiting to be discovered.  I intend to put into writing whatever insight and revelation I am to receive regarding this.  It feels important yet not heavy.  I seek answers.  I am in anticipation -- calm anticipation.

2016  by Maria Celeste Garcia