The Inner Child's Playground and Magical Learning Space

So who is this "Inner Child" that we have dedicated this focus group's name to?  Anyone who has been drawn to emanations of this group and room may already have some idea as to what the "Inner Child" stands for.

Well, to answer the question just posted here, we refer to the archetype of "The Child" in all of us and in everything that is considered to have an origin as well as a developing path.  The "Inner Child" is a symbol of an aspect of self that is in development towards a potential fullness that is filled with hope towards wholeness of being.  

The archetype of "The Child" is known to have the qualities of purity, vulnerability, tenderness, playfulness, naivete, spontaneity, free-spirited curiosity, authenticity, the unhampered connection to subtle energies and realities, the propensity to remain present in the moment, and the inherent capacity for creativity and imagination.

"The Child' exhibits an instinctive dependence on the nuturance of an 'outside' providence, usually in the form of the archetype of 'The Mother', which can come in many forms.  The vulnerability of  "The Child" is analogous to All that is tender and new which, in its unmanifested potentiality and weak state, must survive against all odds in order to prevail and complete its rites of passage of thriving and flourishing towards the next developmental milestones on the unfolding path to manifested fullness.

The idea of "The Inner Child" present within each of us is Universal and can be found in the many expressions of Humanity through time.  As an example, we have personifications of the archetype of "The Child" in different faith traditions, mythology, stories and films.  Some widely known examples would be the stories of the Child Jesus, young Moses, the little Buddha, the greek hero Heracles, the Egyptian god Horus, the Avatar Krishna, and many more.  In these stories, we find that against all odds, the child survives and reaches its subsequent rites of passage, destination, and fullfiment of purpose.

The Seraphim Project 2012-2027 Missionary Platform honors and nurtures the "Inner Child" in all of us.  Acknowledging, validating, and nurturing the promptings of "The Inner Child" is an essential part of the integration and healing process of the Soul leading to proper physical, psychological, and spiritual maturity, which makes for the self-actualization that Humanity, individually and as a collective, is moving towards.

So, let us play and learn together in this room, where our "Inner Child" can feel safe and free to simply BE.  Let's celebrate fresh starts and new beginnings.  

Anyone up for some games of magic, creativity and imagination?  

~And so we Play~


"The Inner Child's Playground and Magical Learning Space"

was written by Maria Celeste Garcia on July 8, 2014 @ 11:44 pm CDST


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