The Master and The Saint
written on May 11,2016 by Maria Celeste Garcia

The Master and the Saint were contemplating the nature of life's unfolding.

The Saint exclaims, "Lo and behold this miracle that Divine Providence has bestowed!  God has blessed us with these gifts.  Let us be grateful and serve to fulfill the will of the Lord."

The Master responds, "We are grateful for these gifts which we share and create together from our travels and toiling.  Divine Source is alive and well within each of us, as we serve one another through each moment and mystery."

The Saint lovingly looks at the Master who is beaming with a most precious smile.   In silence, mutual understanding becomes apparent, as both undoubtedly convey a sense of knowing and acknowledgement of how they are expressing similar things from different perspectives, each perspective being as valid and potent as the other.

In the grander design of things, with countless colors and tones expressing a myriad of archetypes begetting the world of form and function, the Master and the Saint work together to fulfill and embrace the Divine Realities and Mysteries that make up Life and its unfolding.  There is mutual love, respect and empathy between them.

The Master and the Saint are distinct yet contiguous, each of them unique, yet resonant.  They are indisputably a part of each other, as well as of the greater whole.  They are the voices of Truth, agents of Healing, conduits of Love, and portals to the Infinite. 

The Master and the Saint offer clarity, hope, faith, love and inspiration.  They are the Mystics of the Cosmos -- conscious creators of reality and humble universal servants perpetually in gratitude, awe and anticipation of the unfolding wonders of Life and Creation.

2016 Maria Celeste Garcia